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This Site5 review website is hosted. This website has been hosted with their basic shared package within year 2008. For the pass 7 years we have conducted countless numbers of web hosting test, evaluation and reviews. All these are compiled into honest and unbiased rating and anyone can view all these information at no cost. We are sure this web host is honest, true and would not rip off. And we have various Site5 coupons awaits you, plus our own cash rebate program for those writing us their user review and user experience.

homepage before you go VPS

Site5.com is highly reputed for its service of providing domain names. Apart from providing domain names, it offers services like, web hosting, reseller hosting, fully managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, cloud VPS, cloud web hosting, cloud reseller hosting, etc. It offers free migration and free dedicated IP along with the plan of hostPro +Turbo. Customers of this package get 24×7 phone support. For both the hostPro and hostBasic plans, free migration is being offered. All the plans also get facilities like, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, disaster recovery backups and 24×7 support.

In overall, their features and specification are the best and they have few shared service plans, basic plan is designed for most beginners. Advanced user or business user can go for higher plan that better support Ecommerce website; this including VPS, private server or cloud services. Here is their product range available:

  • Shared hosting service from $4.95 per month.
  • Cloud hosting from $20.00 per month.
  • Reseller hosting account from $23.95 per month.
  • VPS hosting from $25 per month.

Site5 review on shared hosting services.

Customers who have experienced the service of shared hosting of this company are highly satisfied and have only good things to say about them. The company offers several plans and packages along with different offers and discounts, so that their customer can get more and more options to make their choices. They offer the set up free of cost. They put forward the best easy-to-host plans so that the users can start their job without wasting much of their time. Eco-friendly hosting is being offered to the customers and unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space are offered along with shared hosting. All their web hosting products and services are 100% green and your website can be fully green. Host with a peace in mind and have no worry of any side effect.

The most basic plan is called Hostbasic. This basic hosting plan allows single domain hosting. This mean you only allowed to have one website or domain in here. The addon domain feature is now available and only available in their unlimited domain plan and turbo package that are more expensive. All three plans include 99.9% uptime guarantee and the best 45 days money back guarantee. This is risk free signup and the web hosting service is guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time. In addition we can choose from over 20 location world wide. Basically what all these mean is you can choose them and host in any of their 20 location. Here are the main features found in their shared hosting plan:

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth transfer.
  • Unlimited domains and websites available in pro and turbo plan.
  • Choose from 20 location world wide.
  • Free website migration service and website builder tools.
  • Free control panel with Siteadmin and Backstage.
  • Comes with the most excellent 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • 45 days money back guarantee and signup protection.


Site5 review on reseller hosting.

The companies, reseller hosting plans are provided with cPanel, which are used by clients in order to control their accounts and WHM, which is used to administer your clients. These help to keep a track on billing and payment, manage the customers, etc. WHMCS is offered at a very little service charge. The branded version’s charge is $10 and unbranded version’s charge is $12 per month. To start selling web hosting softaculous for easy installation of script, private nameservers, unlimited resold accounts, etc. are needed. The company includes all these in their services. 24×7 services are provided to their customers.

Site5 review on VPS hosting.

All their dedicated servers are always managed fully. It is always made sure that all servers are up to the date and all the servers are monitored constantly to make sure that they are working properly. Easy and seamless migration facilities are also offered by them. Even if customers are coming from other company, their accounts are migrated if they have any root access or restore any cPanel/WHM backups. The customers can be set up to cPanel/WHM or siteadmin/multiadmin.

Site5 review on cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is one of the two types of shared hosting. It has three plans to offer to the customers. It is said to be a good option for those businesses which require high uptime levels. This service is offered with plus, advanced and premium plans. 10, 20 and 40 GB disk space depending on the plans are offered. Bandwidth is also offered in 100, 200 and 500 GB on the basis of plans. It provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Unlimited websites for all plans are being offered. A free 30 day trial and 45 day money back guarantee are also provided.

Site5 review on data center management.

The company has provided very reliable data center during their long service periods. The responsibility of managing data which is such a crucial part of this service, should be given only in the hands of a trusted source. They put their best foot forward so that they can offer an excellent platform and stable environment to their customers. To make sure that there are no power outages, they have taken their own independent power grid. Their data backup facility is of highest quality and they also provide data storage system.

They try their best to make sure that all their customers’ websites are completely secured. They ensure that customers websites and emails are always up and running. It has been Safe harbour certified since October 2009. The US Department of Commerce along with the European Commission developed this framework as a part of their protection law.

They have been founded in 1999 and they have tried their best to keep their operations efficient, so that their work has limited impact on the environment. They plant trees so that the carbon output gets balanced. Their system has been designed around a remote workforce, i.e., they do not have any office or equipment of the computers which will heat, cool or light throughout the year. None of the employees drive to office to work in another computer, instead they all work from home.

Site5 review on customer support services.

The company has an outstanding technical assistance which is offered throughout the day. Support tabs are offered to be used so that tickets can be submitted to technical support. All prepaid and post-paid services are offered 24×7. Migration services are offered from Monday to Friday, at all hours.

Overall customer support and quality is excellent. Not to forget, their website hosting plan is coupled with the best after-sales and customer service and help center with online live chat. Customer support team is available always, whenever yelling for help, there is always someone going to answer. If having any sales inquiry, start a live chat with sales team, and get answer instantly. Take note their sales offices are open Monday to Friday. If website is having technical issue or server downtime, do email technical support team. They will get it fixed. Following is their contact numbers:

  • Phone number is 1888sites.com.
  • International number is 19254783115.

They are now offering up to 25 websites migration for their new customer. Not one but 25 of it. The support personal will migrating up to 25 cPanel accounts or 10 non cPanel accounts. If you are having multiple sites in separate location and want to move to a new web host that done everything. For most owners that do not have experience in migration, this site transfer service is a must have feature.

live chat

Site5 review on money-back guarantee.

This facility shows that the company is highly confident of their service and they only want to provide the best service the their customers. It offers a 45 days no question asked money back guarantee, which states that if any customer feels that they are unsatisfied with the service of the company in any way, within the span of guarantee, the customer’s contract fees will be returned back. It also offers a 15 days money back guarantee which only applies on Managed, Unmanaged and Cloud VPS hosting.

They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If the server does not remain available for the guaranteed time period, a certain amount gets credited to the customer (depending on the pre-fixed rates).

Site5 review and average user rating since 2008.

Finally, our rating is a healthy 9 out of 10. After countless years of review and look through their criteria, we know this is a leading web host company and their product is world class. We are comparing their basic shared service with other top web hosting company including Hostgator, Siteground and Webhostingbuzz. All these are highly similar and they have single domain and unlimited domain plans available when you need an account upgrade.

What makes our reviews better and more accurate is our actual web hosting experience. We have a shared hosting account with them, using it to host websites, and experience it for so many years. Most importantly we are using all their web hosting services, and these we know their differences or advantages. They are having network and server benefits, we see the speed performance different and their customer support is highly trained and very specialized too.

Following is our detailed rating and scores given to their shared hosting services.


This Site5.com web hosting services might be one of the best, but their price is definitely not. We are comparing their shared hosting plans with the others, and highly recommend they revise the pricing and introduce a much lower pricing. In today market, we are seeing unlimited domain hosting at below $5 dollars per month and they are asking over $7 dollars a month. That is 30% more than others are asking.

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The Advantages of Using Twitter To Promote Your Website

Twitter, a social media and micro-blogging platform boast over 300 million users worldwide. It is known to be used by high profile people, business people, organizations, and business to promote their products, services, blogs, and websites and to generate leads. The limitation of the characters that a post shouldn’t exceed, (a maximum of 140 characters) makes it an excellent way to stay in touch with users, without having to spend too much time. Most bloggers, website owners, and professionals have used Twitter as their promotional tool and achieved great success. To be successful in promoting your website or blog via Twitter, one must tailor their tweets to suit their needs, and submit content on a consistent basis without employing the concept of hard selling.

So, how can Twitter benefit your website? This piece of article will walk you through various advantages of Twitter and how it can be used to drive traffic to your site and make people subscribe to your latest promotions and updates on your website.

Advantages of Twitter and how it can benefit your website:

  1. Target marketing

Twitter allows you to locate people who share similar interests, and this enables you to identify your potential customers. For instance your website can be selling fashion dresses; you can quickly identify other fashion enthusiasts and follow them. This is a simple way of enlisting them to be receiving tweets regarding your latest fashion releases, upcoming fashion expos, or upcoming designs. Later on, you can develop long-term relationships with your users once you build your own following.

  1. It is cost-effective

The cost of marketing using other platforms such billboards, using TV and other visual platforms can be costly for most business especially those operating on a tight budget. Opening a Twitter account and tweeting is absolutely free and the only cost you may have to incur is that of internet connection. If you intend to target specific users, promoted Twitter accounts are available at a small cost. Promoted tweets enable you to target your tweets to a specific location- maybe a city or state. The cost of promoted accounts depends on the features of the accounts. These features may Include Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Analytics. Therefore, Twitter offers you a wider marketing base at no or low cost.

  1. Search engine optimization

Twitter not only makes your website stay active among your users but also improves your company website ranking on Google search results page. By integrating relevant keywords on your tweets, companies can enhance their ranking online as well as their search engine presence. To rank high in Google searches, it is important to use your company’s website as your Twitter username and integrate the keyword you need in the Twitter user bio.

  1. Demonstrating and building brand identity

Twitter offers you an opportunity to liven up your company picture online (website or blog). It allows you to showcase your brand identity and your expertise. This can be made possible by offering tweet links to the researches and in-depth articles found on your websites. These tweet-links direct users by forwarding individuals to your sites for additional information. Link your web site or blog with your Twitter account to improve your brand identity.

  1. Examining trends

You don’t need to tweet to make use of Twitter. You can use it to learn about the current patterns and trends that Twitter users are keen on. Most of the times, Twitter users are more open and offer positive criticism, so you can look for discussions related to the subject that your websites post about. Twitter permits you to know the hotly debated issues as well as how clients are saying about your image and brand. This data is valuable for websites that need to enhance.

  1. Increased inbound traffic

If social media (Twitter included) is absent, your inbound traffic would be limited to the people who are only familiar with your company’s website and those searching for keywords that you currently rank for. Every tweet you send having your keyword in it is another path leading to your site or blog. The more tweets you send having your keyword, the more inbound traffic you generate, and more traffic translates to more leads and more conversions.

Twitter, if used in the right way, can be the boost your site needs to explode and become a state or worldwide site. Use it to lead more customers, more traffic, more connection, and more conversions to your site. It isn’t late to start, open a Twitter account and start promoting your website today.

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Why people hire a professional web development company?

With the rapid growth in internet search market, putting your business online is the best way to make your target market aware of your products and services. Therefore, it is vital for every business to have a website of its own. In order for the job to be done competently, you should hire the services of a web development company. Web development companies help businesses by strategizing and researching market trends and demand in order to design websites in compliance with unique preferences of that moment. Besides bringing in business, a visually appealing website is very helpful because it is a reflection of the kind of business you conduct.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional web development company?

  1. Design

Web design involves a lot more than simply creating a visually appealing website. This stage is primarily about a vast range of choices and a lot of skill. Web developers also have to choose fonts and color pellets that suit your brand. Moreover, the design must feel hierarchically balanced in order to ensure that all the important information is highlighted and that text content is easy to read. They choose, alter, resize and organize photos before posting them on the website. Besides making sure that the layout is working well with the CMS (Content Management System), the website must also feel unique to your business and brand. Besides boosting your image, a website that is properly designed with your logo clearly displayed assures prospective clients that you are a professional. However, a website that is poorly designed makes you look like an amateur and clients might not take your business seriously.

  1. Structure

Professional web development companies know how to make websites user friendly in order for visitors to navigate easily and conveniently. Shopping, credit card processing and onsite ability must be hassle-free. Web developers have extensive knowledge in these areas and they also know about other critical factors such as updating content on your website, up selling, cross selling, ease of navigation and general ease of use. When you hire a professional web developer, you will get a unique custom website that represents the online presence of your brand.

  1. Browser compatibility

It is very important for your website to look relatively the same in different browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Netscape. Browser incompatibility usually occurs when your website appears broken or displays differently to web users on different browsers. Web developers are skilled at developing and testing your website on all the major browsers in order to ensure that people who are using different browsers can actually see your site exactly how it should be.

  1. Mobile friendly

Over 50% of web users access the internet on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Therefore, it is critical for your business to have presence there. Web development companies understand how to design websites for mobile by creating designs that can adapt to several platforms. This can be achieved by creating a mobile site or simply going with responsive design where your website automatically fits the users’ content.

  1. Content and search engine optimization

Having a search engine optimized website with SEO architecture is the most important part of the puzzle when developing a website for your business. Your website does not matter when nobody can find it. Therefore, hiring a professional web development company takes the worry of proper architecture and SEO off your shoulders.

  1. Speed up your website

The speed of your website is what is what keeps visitors on your pages for longer. Nowadays, web users are very impatient and will not wait for long before navigating to another website in case your site looks confusing or if it doesn’t impart trust. This is one of the main factors web developers take into consideration when developing your website. Moreover, they understand the possibilities and limits of web development. Therefore they will strive to ensure that you don’t get a website that takes long to load or a site you can’t update.

E-commerce is quite sophisticated nowadays and all these factors are critical for the success of your online business. Professional web development companies always follow them strictly in order to provide results that will draw attention and a huge number of prospective customers to your business.

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Top 10 cloud hosting and backup storage providers

True cloud hosting allows users to adjust resources almost immediately to meet existing demands. It also allows one to maximize usage of these resources, foster better management of services by means of automation and remote access, increase availability and performance of services, and offers relief in case of hardware failures. Cloud hosting services are judged on their performance, variability, reliability and cost.

Here are the top 10 cloud hosting provider:

  1. Siteground cloud hosting

This service is popular among clients for its wide range of hosting services. Users have access to 3 packages in cloud hosting, namely Basic Cloud, Advanced Cloud and Pro Cloud. For basic, clients get 40GB of space. The plan, which is sold at $99/month, also comes with 512 MB of RAM and a bandwidth of 1000GB. It is the cheapest plan. Pro version comes with 80GB of space and 1.5GB of RAM.

  1. Google cloud

Google cloud not only allows users to create websites from scratch, but also allows them to create and host applications. These can be created quickly and easily due to the available building blocks hosted by Google. It is therefore comes hardy for companies exploring gaming solutions and mobile applications, which is the modern trend. It is very reliable with a data center located near Columbia River and access to a fiber-optic network adds to the high speed of servers. Users can achieve maximum performance through use of Cloud balancing technology that helps manage incoming requests across different regions. Google has an aggressive payment strategy where users pay for actual computing time. The minimum time to be charged is 10 minutes and after this, charges apply at 1 minute increments.

  1. Dreamhost cloud

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provides clients with the ability to develop applications and software. It comes with unlimited domain hosting and bandwidth. Storage space is also unlimited. The virtual machines are MySQL-optimized and web-optimized. It offers Linux powered servers. Members can scale from the lowest paid $15/month plan (30 GB of disk space, 1 GB RAM) to the highest paid $120/plan (240 GB disk space, 8 GB RAM).

It offers shared hosting platforms for small businesses and blogs. This comes with unlimited disk space. Users in this category also have access to unlimited email accounts, bandwidth and domains to host. Users can choose a variety of payment plants, from monthly to bi-yearly plans although it is more expensive than other players. Shared hosting costs $119.40.

  1. Amazon cloud

Users are able to deploy a static website on Amazon through the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The service now allows for a full website hosting for HTML files and PHP files on the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The cloud service is considered excellent for hosting images. It has an Auto-image backup feature for mobile devices just like Google. Users have access to unlimited space for storing images. It also allows hosting of large movies and is cheaper and faster. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is accessible on free trial by users. They access a 1 GB of Regional Data Transfer and 15 GB of bandwidth. Other features include 750 hours of Elastic Load Balancing.

  1. Ixwebhosting cloud

It offers hosting services to individuals and businesses with a guarantee of 99.99% uptime. With a fault-tolerant datacenter, customers are guaranteed of better services and good reliability. The more than 750 servers are served by a CISCO 12000 sequence router. The servers are backed up by industrial diesel generators. Smart-routing helps achieve faster load times.

  1. Site5 cloud

It prides itself as a 100% green company. Services are provided with the help of servers located in nine countries worldwide. It provides shared hosting and cloud hosting services. It has three plans: Plus, Advanced, and Premium with the Premium offering 40 GB of space and 500 GB bandwidth. All plans come with unlimited websites hosting, dedicated IPs, Backup services, and redundant ability. Members can try it out for 30 days and access a 45-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Liquidweb cloud

Members have access to Heroic Support. With an uptime of 99.93%, the cost is $179 /month. All the 3 data centers are located in the United States. Customers have access to unlimited e-mail accounts and mailing lists, support of a variety of programming languages for databases and Free SSL Secure Server, among other features. It offers an option of $50 each month for 75 GB of space and 0.9GB RAM.

  1. InMotion Hosting Cloud

Members can host an unlimited number of domains and subdomains. However, only 50GB of dedicated disk space is availed. Users also have access to an unlimited number of emails and unlimited bandwidth. It also comes with 1.5GB of dedicated memory.

  1. Justhost cloud

Compared to InMotion, this hosting service offers 60GB of disk space but only 2TB of bandwidth. Users can get support for 25 MySQL Databases although the number of domains, subdomains and email accounts is unlimited. It also offers 2GB of dedicated memory.

  1. Bluehost cloud

Members have access to unlimited domains and subdomains and email accounts like with many other providers. However, the available disk space is 30GB. Bandwidth is 1TB and members can access only 25 MySQL Databases.

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The untold secrets of unlimited web hosting

Most web hosting companies will put a restriction on the amount of disc space, bandwidth and number of domains that you will be able to host in a given account. But in unlimited hosting, you will not be restricted on any aspects of hosting your website. You will access unlimited bandwidth, domain registration and disc space. This is among the most economical plans in case you will like to start a website where you will like to enjoy the maximum disc space and bandwidth without any restriction. This is because you will end up saving a lot of money after you decide to go for the plan. There are different web hosting companies available, each web host company will tend to have its own regulations on the use of unlimited hosting services that they offer. This makes it necessary for you to compare different web hosting companies available before you decide on one. Here are pros and cons of unlimited hosting which you should know:

Pros of unlimited hosting:

  1. Unlimited storage space.

You will not be stressed on the storage space which you will like to have on your account after you decide to go for the plan. The plan will allow you to access unlimited disc space. This will allow you to carry out different activities which will require use of space. You can upload files irrespective of their sizes. In case you run a program such as a forum, you will find unlimited disc space very helpful. You will not have to delete some posts even if they occupy a lot of space.

  1. Easy to test the latest web design tools.

Some web design tools will occupy a lot of space. In some cases you may be required to delete some files so that you will try them on your website. That will not be the case with unlimited web hosting plans. You will have any amount of space which you will like to use. This will enable you enjoy great success while running applications on your website that require a lot of disc space for them to run.

  1. Multiple domains.

There are some web design projects where you will like to register several domains for you to make the project successful. It is very easy for you to make the project successful after you decide to apply for unlimited domain programs. You will have any number of domains which you will like to register but there will be no added costs in your web hosting plan. This will lead you to saving a lot of money in the process.

  1. Unlimited bandwidth.

For those who will like to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, then they will find unlimited web hosting services very helpful. The program will enable them access any amount of bandwidth at different periods of time without any restriction. This will lead you as a webmaster to saving a lot of money which you will have used to pay for more bandwidth in case you will like your website to grow. Unlimited hosting is a plan that you can use in case you will like to start a website which you will like to grow into a big website that will need more capacity as time goes.

Cons of unlimited hosting:

  1. Low FTP speeds.

As far as there are several advantages you will enjoy after you decide to apply for unlimited hosting services, there are also other disadvantages of making use of the program. One of the disadvantages will be seen when trying to upload files to your website. Due to the freedom of different webmasters to upload unlimited number of files, the program will tend to be slower when trying to upload files. You will end up taking a lot of time before you can upload certain files to your website. This will inconvenience you in case you will like to perform the operation within a short period of time.

  1. Restoring is very slow.

The time you will take to restore your website in case you have been forced to back up and restore will be embarrassing. You will have to wait for several days before your website will be fully restored. This will lead you to losing money in case you were using the website to run an online business where you will like to be on in most of the time.

  1. Poor backups.

Sometimes you may fail to back up your files well when making use of the program. This is due to the slow speed of the program. Most people will opt for the program which will make the servers very slow for you to back up files as a measure to stay safe.

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